knowledge is everything

We know what it takes

Choosing the right real estate team can impact directly on you achieving the best possible sale outcome.

So, how do you make the right choice? What experience do you look for? When will you know when you’ve met the right agency? What are the revealing questions to ask?

McConnell Bourn team members are a group of outstanding people, with a combination of property related skills and talents. Sales Specialists with an impressive track record on the North Shore, creative marketers, photographers and home stagers who bring out the best in your home, efficient sales administrators to keep your campaign constantly in check. Add to this an accomplished Auctioneer who can whip up a frenzied audience of potential buyers to reveal the top bid you were looking for.

Our joint commitment to you and doing the very best we can do to contribute to the successful sale of your property is what they all see as their most important responsibility.

After serving homeowners on Sydney’s North Shore for over twenty one years, we are now widely regarded as the most informed and trusted agency in the area. We’re renowned for providing clients with clear, unambiguous guidance, informed advice and proven strategy at every stage of the sales process. Our numbers are a measure of our success.

is more

26 is the average number of days it takes for MB to sell a property compared to the area average of 35

going, gone

9 out of 10 properties sell first
time under the
hammer at an MB

hot list

2,390 is the number of prospective buyers we talk to on average every month

on us

23 years expertise
104,373 data

Lots of data – but what does it all mean?

Is it just data for data’s sake?
What matters – and what doesn’t?
How do you make sense of it all?

They say knowledge is everything. We say applied knowledge is everything.

McConnell Bourn have the skill and expertise to interpret the facts relevant to your property.

We’ll make sense of the numbers – while our entire team remain absolutely focused on the one number that really counts – the ultimate sale price of your property.

Two decades of experience marketing properties on the North Shore has taught us that informed strategy, clear client communication and faultless client relations are vital to achieving the desired outcome and your total delight! Our intimate and extensive knowledge of the North Shore, coupled with our proven, marketing and negotiating skills, gives us our clients a distinct and valuable advantage.

Just look at the record-setting prices we achieve and how quickly we find the right buyer for your property to see how our understanding of the numbers translates into success for you.

Those in the know – know McConnell Bourn.

Want to find out more?

Whatever the reason, to get things started, let’s establish the likely value of your home. If you’d like an expert opinion of what your property may be worth, we’d be delighted to put our local property market knowledge and experience to good use. We’re here to help.