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How To Host Weekend House Guests With Style

No one knows exactly when overseas travel will become possible again. So, finding ways to have fun in your own home is more important than ever. One excellent idea is to organise a stylish sleepover for family or friends. Whether you’re expecting house guests for a long weekend or an entire week, we have you covered.

Here are our top tips for hosting and entertaining guests for a fun and classy few days.

Sleeping arrangements

Whether you’re having house guests for a week or just for a weekend, make sure you prepare their beds with fresh, clean, good quality sheets — cotton or linen is always best. Add a choice of pillows, spare blankets, and bed throws, too.

If your bed mattresses are a bit old and saggy, consider investing in new ones. Alternatively, a good quality inflatable mattress makes an excellent guest bed. There are many ultra-plush high-quality air beds on the market, that are around half a meter in height making it easy for people of all ages to easily get into and out of.

Also, clear some space for your guests’ bags. If possible, give them some shelf space for their essential items, a draw or two and some wardrobe space with empty clothes hangers too.

A recharging station for electronic devices is another must. Use extension cords and powerboards so that guests can plug in their devices with ease.

Bathrooms and guests

When entertaining guests for the weekend, make your second bathroom the designated guest bathroom. Ideally, it should have a lockable door.

Put out fresh, clean towels and inform your guests which towels are theirs. A colour-coded system is often a good idea.

Stock the guest bathroom with essentials — soaps, shampoo, shower caps, toothpaste, etc. Now is a good time to use those small hotel toiletries you’ve been hoarding.

Sharing meals

When it comes to food and drinks, the best tip is to keep things simple. Focus on creating a fun, collaborative atmosphere, that involves everyone, ensuring that you do not have to slave away in the kitchen alone.

Kitchens are often the heart of your home, so draw in house guests by giving them a task. They can set the table, open the wine, wash freshly picked herbs, or select the background music.

When it comes to the menu, don’t complicate things. For breakfast, opt for a buffet, with cereals, bread, yoghurt, fruit, croissants, muffins, and juice. Let guests serve themselves while you take their tea and coffee orders.

For lunch and dinner, one-pot meals are a great idea. Not only do they cut down on dirty dishes, but they are also guaranteed crowd-pleasers. Think one-pan chicken and rice, oven-baked pasta, or one-pot pulled beef with vegetables. Serve with good quality bread, fresh salad, and lively conversation and your guests will feel right at home.

Round off the main course with a delicious dessert. Classics such as cheesecake, pavlova, and chocolate mousse are always appreciated.

Fun and games

What are the best activities to entertain guests?

Turn your lounge into a recreation room for card and board games. Just make sure you have all the necessary pieces, as well as extra dice, pencils, and erasers.

Casual conversation is also fun. Have some topics on hand — your last overseas trip, your best and worst COVID-19 experiences, home renovations. Try to draw everyone in, don’t let one person dominate.

If you have space outside, set up an area for backyard cricket, badminton, or bowls.

Whether your guests are family or friends, being well-prepared and getting everyone involved will make their stay more enjoyable.

NOTE: It’s important during this time to make sure everyone is still social distancing within the home. You can find the latest restrictions on having guests over to your home on the NSW Government website here.