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Hugh Cullen

A little over 10 years ago, Hugh’s family decided to uproot from their native Stirling, Scotland and forge a new life in NSW. Hugh initially worked in the Hospitality industry where he gained valuable experience in systems, logistics and customer service. A chance conversation led to him being drawn to the world of Real Estate. He approached five real estate firms and disappointingly he only heard back from three. Out of those three potential companies, only one bothered to follow up Hugh’s interest in joining their agency or showed interest in helping Hugh work out if a career in property might be right for him.

That company was McConnell Bourn.

After a meeting with top agent Carole McCrea, and soon after another meeting with Matt Bourn, MD of McConnell Bourn, Hugh received a job offer.

“I just felt that it was meant to be that I joined MB,” said Hugh. “They were the only firm that was respectful, kind, generous with their time and encouraging in their approach to discussing my future. I thought to myself that if they were like that with their staff, their customer service is likely to be outstanding. That’s the kind of firm I wanted to work with”.

Hugh is now a much-valued addition to the McConnell Bourn team. He helps ensure frequent and timely communication with our clients. He is driven, ambitious and has a very logical organised way of doing business.

Scotland’s loss is certainly our gain!

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Hugh Cullen