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Wahroonga Living – Cafe Patina

Formerly known as The Coonanbarra Café, Head Chef Stewart Wallace, has returned to his grass roots to rebirth the well known cafe. Engaged as the Head Chef in 1992, Stewart left after three years to open the acclaimed Grand National Dining Room at the then newly renovated Grand National Hotel in Paddington before spending a decade travelling the globe and opening restaurants in London and Cape Town. On his return to Sydney in 2001 he was appointed Executive Chef at Café Sydney, before spending 12 years as Executive Chef of Garfish Restaurant Group.

Now back in his childhood suburb of Wahroonga, Stewart has come back to the old Coonanbarra Café and renamed it Cafe Patina. With his wife, Hilary, who has extensive hotel management skills, they have perfectly encapsulated what it means to delight in honest, whole food.

The Modern Australian café that also pays homage to the soil in which it stands, striving to support local and regional producers, and utilising fresh organic produce where possible is a welcomed addition to the area.
“We want to have a casual, relaxed, warm and inviting atmosphere. I want our customers to feel love when they walk in. We’re not pretentious, we’re not being something we are not. It’s genuine, it’s honest… it’s a home away from home.” Hilary said.

And the café is more than just it’s inviting first looks. From roasted cauliflower and fennel salad with pistachio dukkah and cauliflower hummus, to snapper pie with roasted garlic, broccolini and soubise sauce – to even the Patina “mess”: soft centre meringue, vanilla ice cream, creme fraiche and passionfruit sauce, the menu is comfort and indulgence with its best foot forward.

“There’s also an underlying theme in our menu – 99% of it is gluten-free. If you’re looking for it, you’ll see it. We also have a vegan salad – we wanted to make sure everyone was accommodated.” Hilary said.

With Hilary’s flair for an enticing culinary experience, and Stewart’s mastery, this ‘feel-at-home’, classic Heritage style building fitted with generous awnings and contemporary design is the perfect abode to house delicious, warm and wholesome meals.

Boasting all day dining, elegant alfresco seating overlooking Wahroonga Park, a relaxed atmosphere and quality modern Australian cuisine at the hands of one of the top tier professionals – trying Café Patina just once is guaranteed to have you craving more.

Café Patina – 64 Coonanbarra Road Wahroonga | 02 9489 0980