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Andrew Furlong

Ten years ago, Andrew Furlong set out to make his mark in Sydney’s highly competitive Real Estate market. Fast forward ten years, and the results are plain to see.

Andrew is now firmly established in the ranks of outstanding men and women, rated by their clients, their colleagues and their industry peers, as being amongst the top “super league” performers of their time.

Key to this achievement is Andrew’s unswerving commitment to accepting nothing short of absolute excellence in everything he does.

“I’m very intolerant of people who claim to pay attention to detail and provide a level of service that fails to meet even basic expectations,” says Andrew.

“If someone is incapable of understanding and delivering what ‘excellence in customer service’ actually looks like, they shouldn’t be in an industry where genuine, tangible and diligent care and attention are vital. When we’re trusted to market someone’s home, which of course is more likely than not their biggest, single most valuable asset, the respect an agent shows for their property, the empathy the agent has with the features and benefits of the property and the substantial river of emotions that relate to the property all matter enormously.”

Client’s that demand and expect a truly boutique, tailored and unique approach to the successful marketing and negotiating of their property will immediately identify why Andrew is rated by his clients as a truly exceptional, dedicated and connected property professional, synonymous with delighting clients by always going the extra eight furlongs (the UK equivalent of a mile).

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Andrew Furlong