Licensed Real Estate Agent

Jon Dundas-Smith

Jon’s substantial experience and knowledge of the North Shore property market is profound. Over the past decade he has personally listed and sold more than 500 properties in the area, many more than once. His legendary ability to read the market and his almost “sixth sense” of how and when to negotiate the ultimate offer have earned him the respect of clients and colleagues alike.

“It’s all about timing,” says Jon. “I really enjoy guiding my client through a negotiation and advising them to hold-back despite them perhaps having the urge to accept an early offer. I have guided clients to positions where they are several hundreds of thousands dollars better off than they might have been if we’d taken an earlier offer.”

Jon Dundas Smith continues to earn the admiration and respect of many extremely happy clients and equally impressed clients.

Take a drive past Jon’s home and you’ll get an immediate sense of how this vastly experienced and hugely successful property agent thinks and how truly fastidious he is.

The obviously lovingly nurtured and immaculately groomed lawns at Jon’s home are his pride and joy.

The stripes on his lawn are of Wimbledon or Wembley standard and any greensman would be proud to have cultivated such beautiful lawns.

So what have Jon’s beautifully presented lawns got to do with Jon being consistently rated as one of the most knowledgeable, energetic and wise real estate agents on Sydney’s North Shore?

It’s all about the determination and ability to do whatever he does – perfectly.

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Jon Dundas-Smith