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Carole McCrea

Tenacity – Loyalty – Determination – Reliability

Just some of the words that Carole’s clients and colleagues use to describe this tireless, popular and established North Shore property expert. 

Carole has leveraged her academic background and industry expertise to build a solid reputation and impressive personal brand in the North Shore property market.

Her Diploma in Marketing Communications has provided her with a robust understanding of the need for clear, concise and compelling communication with clients.

“Helping my clients in the buying, selling or leasing of property in the North Shore is one of the most rewarding careers I could ever have imagined being in,” said Carole. “I form really strong professional working relationships with my clients, which over time lead to me being their trusted, impartial and informed property advisor. The key to my very strong ties with clients is without doubt frequent and relevant communication.

“With almost ten years as a proud member of the McConnell Bourn team, I’m often involved in the selling of properties I helped negotiate seven, eight, nine years ago,” Carole added.

“Family is a key characteristic of McConnell Bourn. I guess you could sum it up as me helping your family - as part of the McConnell Bourn family!”

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Carole McCrea