insights - St Ives Living: Drive-in cinema parks at the showground

St Ives Living: Drive-in cinema parks at the showground

Ever dreamt of stepping into Sandy and Danny’s shoes in Grease? Pulling up in your Dodge Wayfarer at the local drive-in cinema; attaching the speakers to your windows; ordering popcorn and soda from the diner; all before enjoying a flick on the big screen from the comfort of your own car.

No need to travel back in time. The 50s have landed here on the North Shore. Only of course with some slight modern updates. (Swap out ‘Greased Lightning’ and 50s fashion for a BMW Cabrio and almost anything by Stella McCartney)

The Sunset Drive-In Cinema has parked at St Ives Showground. For the month of October locals can enjoy a new form of entertainment in a classic way.
Movies will play every Wednesday through to Sunday across the month. A different film will feature each night with some truly iconic titles filling the schedule.

Hugh Jackman kicks things off with The Greatest Showman on October 1st. A spooky double feature closes the show on October 31st for Halloween. Scream and The Blair Witch Project are on the cards… Be sure to have someone brave with you to hold your hand!

McConnell Bourn’s expertise is in North Shore Real Estate. That doesn’t mean that we don’t know a good movie when we see it. So if you’re wondering which dates you should set aside to visit the drive-ins, we’ve done the research for you.

MB’s top five movie nights on offer include:

1.Friday 2nd October: Chick-flick double feature including Mean Girls and Clueless
2.Wednesday 7th October: Robin Williams brings the adorable Mrs Doubtfire to the screen
3.Saturday 17th October: Time for a Grease Sing-A-Long
4.Saturday 24th October: Don’t bring your mum. Dirty Dancing
5.Thursday 29th October: Queen Tribute – Bohemian Rhapsody Sing-A-Long

Of course, it’s not just the movies that will have you piling into your car. It’s also the smell and taste of freshly popped cinema popcorn, or the delicious sweet treats on offer for you to enjoy throughout the night. Dinner is also sorted with an on-site food truck.

Time to polish your wheels and head on over to The Sunset Drive-In Cinema, located at St Ives Showground, 450 Mona Vale Rd, St Ives from October 1st-31st. View the full movie calendar and book your tickets here.

And if living closer to the big screen action of St Ives appeals to you, drop into the McConnell Bourn St Ives office sometime and we’ll show you what properties are available or are soon coming to market.

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