insights - Clever ways to modify your home to suit your furry friends

Clever ways to modify your home to suit your furry friends

If you yourself own a pet, whether it be a dog, cat, rabbit, or any sort of animal really, then you would know all too well that they’re not really just a pet. They’re a member of the family that you would likely go to the ends of the earth for. I sure know that’s how it is for me and my furry friend. But would you go as far as to modify your home for your pets? (Right now we bet you’re nodding and saying to yourself, “Of course I would!”)

Of course there’s the simple things that you can do, like making sure your yard is fenced or adding in a doggy door. But then there’s the more complex modifications. These clever people have found ways to make changes to various rooms within their homes to make things more pet (or furry family member) friendly.

Check out our favourite ideas below! You never know, you might even decide that one of these will be your next project for your own home. (We’re not judging… We’re considering it too!)

The built-in pet bath or shower
All pet parents know how difficult bath time can be. Most animals dislike it and will protest to the best of their ability. Others are way too big to fit in the laundry sink or bath tub. But that isn’t a problem anymore for these clever people! Some people have gone to the trouble of adding in a permanent pet bath or shower into their bathrooms or laundry. Of course, that’s some serious renovating if you decide you want to build one into your own home, especially if you’re not already remodeling one of those rooms, but we love their dedication!

modify your home for your pets

The hidden pet accessory cupboard
Sick and tired of having your animal’s toys and accessories lying around all over the house? Can’t stand it when you’re looking for the lead or brush and it’s absolutely nowhere to be found? Well these clever people have handled this issue by building a hidden cupboard designed to hold all of these things. Out of sight and out of mind, and everything’s always easy to find! Genius!

modify your home for your pets

Built-in Sliding pet door
There’s always rooms that you don’t really want your pet to find their way into. But instead of putting up one of those temporary gates that are usually used for baby proofing and don’t necessarily look that great, why not build in a fixed sliding pet door? These pet parents have built one across the doorway to their kitchen, which is certainly helpful for anyone with a dog who won’t stop jumping up while they’re trying to cook dinner. Then when you’re done, you can slide the door open again and you’d never know that it was there!

modify your home for your pets

Built-in areas for pet bowls
This idea has got to be the best one of all! Instead of having your pet’s food and water bowls sitting around on the floor looking rather messy, some people have actually created recessed areas into their kitchen cupboards or drawers as a permanent spot to hold them! Some have even gone so far as to put in a tap so that they can easily fill up the water bowl whenever they need to. So clever!

modify your home for your pets

Have you modified your home to accommodate your pet? What did you build for them? Let us know!