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Recent Home Living Property Culture The Team North Shore Living


Written by Luke Nolan-Harris
Photos by Des Harris

Client: Ken goth

What attracted you to McConnell Bourn to assist in managing your investment property?
Before we became landlords we rented a property through McConnell Bourn. We had a good experience renting and really appreciated the professionalism. We understood going into the tenancy that property managers work primarily with the landlord, yet MB maintained a level of respect and created a smooth, comfortable experience for us as tenants. When we bought our investment property we knew we wanted MB to manage our property.

What are your thoughts on the McConnell Bourn brand?
We think that McConnell Bourn’s new branding and marketing style is very attractive. It’s certainly clean and modern! We also loved the old brand - the double C’s the double L’s created a really memorable brand. Aside from the look and feel, we love that MB is team oriented and gets involved in the community. You can always trust that you are getting the best quality service possible.

How has your overall experience been?
For us, one of the most important things is: how a property manager delivers bad news. The McConnell Bourn team did this in the best possible way. They were honest and didn’t tiptoe around the subject. Not only do they let you know in a timely manner but they already have a solution in mind by the time you pick up the phone. Overall, they show professionalism and respect, we received it as tenants then and we receive it as landlords now!

Is your investment property local? What do you love about the area?
Our investment property is located in Mosman and, well, it’s Mosman, there is not much more to be said! We currently live in Chatswood and love it because it is so convenient. You get the hustle and bustle, city vibe yet the leafy North Shore is right next door so you really do get the best of both worlds.

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