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Photos by Des Harris

Interviewer: Emma Brancatisano

Client: Kate, 4 Camira St, West Pymble

What attracted you to McConnell Bourn to assist in selling your home?

They have a good reputation within the area. Coming from a lifestyle magazine background, I liked the fact that MB approached their campaigns a little differently from stock standard real estate campaigns.
What are your thoughts on McConnell Bourn’s branding and marketing style?

When it comes to ‘style’, I have always been a little cynical. What has happened with styling houses these days is that you can completely lose any sense of atmosphere from the house. I think that MB are re-injecting a liveable personality into homes again through their campaign. You’re not just buying the walls and how wonderfully it is renovated; you are getting the feeling that you’re actually buying a home.

How was your experience overall?

I think the photography from Des Harris was fantastic. Along with that, because MB isn’t part of a big chain, you know the people who own the agency and who are in charge of selling your home.
Our agent has been fantastic. Given that, mid campaign, we had a large about face and are now relocating to the United Kingdom, he was very supportive and genuine. MB was a different experience for us. They handled the business of selling differently.

What have you enjoyed most about living in the area and what will you miss?

We have owned our place in West Pymble for fifteen years. Amid living in Hong Kong and London, we’ve been back for the last three.
I think I’ll miss my studio in the garden the most - this was the drawcard when we bought the house. Beyond that, this is where our family grew up and where we were part of a wider community. The family who have bought our house have two small children, so it’s great to know that a new family are going to have a lifetime of memories there.

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