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What will selling a home in Spring 2020 look like?

Written by Matthew Bourn
The good news is that people are still buying and selling homes, even in these times of COVID-19. Therefore, we expect to see a peak selling season for 2020 to emerge as we enter into spring, not too dissimilar to previous years.

Typically, Sydney’s peak selling season runs from September to December. So, those of you that are thinking of putting your North Shore home on the market should prepare to spring into action now if you want to have your home ship-shape and ready for inspection by September 2020.

Property price predictions for Sydney’s Upper North Shore

We expect to see a good selection of homes come onto the market for sale. We also expect to see prices continue to hold steady across both houses and apartments.

As of our publication date, according to, there were 482 properties for sale on Sydney’s Upper North Shore for the nine suburbs between Roseville to Wahroonga and from St Ives to West Pymble.

Looking back over the last 10 years, stock levels are neither excessively low or high. The years 2014 to 2017 saw less stock in the March to June period than we are seeing in 2020, so confidence remains in the property sector.

The better news is that we are continuing to see an upward trend in asking prices for houses and consistent asking prices for units on Sydney’s Upper North Shore.

If there is any pressure on house prices during the current climate we expect this to be for prestige homes and luxury units. If you have a prestige home, make sure you have a strong sales team to assist you, who will put in the hard work and persevere with negotiations to achieve the best sales price for you.

Start preparing your home for your spring sale in late winter

COVID-19 has given many of us an unusual amount of extra time at home, to both ‘notice’ and complete long overdue DIY projects. Whether it's the inside of your home or outside (or both) that needs a little love and attention before listing your home for sale, then now is the time to start putting thought into action.

At McConnell Bourn, we believe it’s best to start on the inside and then work your way outside. In order of importance we suggest you tackle home preparation tasks in the following order;

Creating a wonderful inside story

1. Declutter

We’ve covered the topic of decluttering in full previously, but the general idea is to do a sweep through your house, room by room, cupboard by cupboard to bin, give away or sell items that you no longer use or need. I.e. it’s the perfect time to spring-clean, and many of our clients express that they find it quite cathartic.

2. Fix and re-paint / re-sand / re-carpet

Make a list of all the things that need fixing or look too tired and worn. You might have to take a good look around, as most of us get used to ignoring such things after a while! Once you have a list, work out if you can fix areas yourself or whether you’ll need a handyman.

3. Clean, clean, clean

It’s often worth getting professional cleaners in to help you get to all the spots you don’t have time to clean when the general housework is being done. Things like ovens and barbeques are examples of places that can be made to look as good as new with the right cleaning company.

4. Stage your home remove/ replace/ add furniture

Ask yourself if anything in your home could be removed. Whether furniture is looking worn, faded or just outdated, take things out of your property before you consider what to add back in.

5. Improve curtains/ blinds/ bedding/ cushions and throws

Fresh crisp linen or steam cleaned curtains and blinds will ensure your home looks and smells as fresh as a daisy. Stick to neutral tones and colours, even if vibrant colours are your preference because light and white generally appeal best to home buyers.

6. Style your home with professional help

Home styling is a lot more involved than many people realise. From sourcing to hiring furniture, to finding home furnishings and matching artwork – if it’s not something you do every day then we recommend using the professionals. Our network of home stylists have warehouses stocked with all the latest looks and will have your home looking like it's straight out of a magazine with no effort on your part.

View from the street front

Next, focus on your home's street appeal as this could be the make or break between whether your property is on someone’s inspection list or not.

7. Fences, walls, gates and letterboxes

Do you need these replaced or repaired?

8. Lawns and garden beds

Again, we recommend getting in professional gardeners who can work out the best solution for your yard or garden, so that you don’t overspend on areas that are less important and have minimal maintenance throughout your campaign period.

9. Pressure wash paths, drives, eaves and walls

It’s amazing what a difference a simple pressure wash can do. Experienced window and pressure washing companies will spot the areas you no longer notice and have your outdoor area looking brand new in no time.

Finding the right tradesmen and women

Not all tradesmen are created equally, in fact, there are tradies that focus solely on preparing homes for sale and therefore know the specifics of where to put the energy and budget to get the best visual results for your home sale.

As Sydney’s largest agency on the North Shore, we have a long list of preferred tradesmen that we work with extensively, and trust, so let us help you organise quotes. This in itself can be a huge time-saving, so engage our help as early as possible. We’ll ensure your home is photo, video and visitor fit for viewing in record time.

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