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Winter 2020 brings more bang for your property advertising buck

Written by Matthew Bourn
With low housing stock, low-interest rates, extended advertising periods and greater numbers of people spending time both at home and online, the winter months of 2020 present a unique opportunity to sell your home.

Quite frankly we've never seen a situation like this before, and we’re not just talking about the Coronavirus. Advertising campaigns with the real estate websites can now be extended at no additional cost to our clients if needed this winter. Plus with a range of digital advertising packages to choose from, your overall marketing costs can become more economical.

Homes are on the radar as cabin fever sets in

Think about it – as people work from home and stay within the four walls of their homes for longer periods, they're spending a greater amount of time thinking about their property and whether it suits their needs. has already indicated that search volumes on their website have increased as at the start of May, as have enquiries.

People are doing more DIY projects, and they’re also considering whether now is a great time to upgrade, downsize or even make that long fantasised sea or tree change. Maybe lifestyles will change for good. If so more people will reconsider their work-home-lifestyles and locations.

We're spending more time at home and online

Like it or lump it, we're spending more time both at home and online. More and more people have even taken to social sites like Facebook, some for the very first time, in a plight to stay connected with family and friends as we endure the Coronavirus pandemic.

Facebook remains the leading new media channel

Facebook, with over 2.6 billion users worldwide, continues to be the most popular place to stay connected, and Australia has one of the highest social media penetration rates of all. With 16 million Facebook users, 9 million Instagram users and 7 million people on WhatsApp, Facebook is 'the' new media business to conquer our daily lives.

And when you look at Facebook from a property marketing point of view we can tell you that you'll find twice as many people on one or more Facebook-owned channels each day, than you will on Australia's leading real estate websites. Yes, that’s right, Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp too.

Social media is the key to gaining exposure

At McConnell Bourn, we've added social media and search marketing into all our property marketing campaigns. We know that to ensure your property gains the most exposure possible and better than that, remains more visible and seen more regularly than competing properties. We know that online ad repetition and image recognition drive greater interest in a home.

More bang for your online advertising buck

Whether you’re selling your home or advertising a property for lease, you have a rare opportunity to extend your advertising with the real estate websites, and this winter. In line with the Coronavirus the portals are offering additional fail-safe measures to allow advertisers to extend property campaign periods should your property take longer than anticipated to sell.

Successfully selling a home on Facebook’s ad network

This beautiful 3 bedroom home, in Turramurra, was auctioned and sold with a three-week campaign not long after the Coronavirus was declared a pandemic in Australia.

With an equal budget spent on Facebook channels as the real estate portals (including Instagram and WhatsApp), we successfully increased the visibility of this home with home buyers across three key regions on Sydney’s north shore.

This Facebook property ad was seen by 54,400 people, with 3,700 of them clicking to learn more. More than 20 contracts were requested and on auction day there were 7 registered bidders. The great news is that this property achieved $400,000 above asking price.

Without such a comprehensive digital marketing campaign that included key real estate websites and social media, plus a video walkthrough, the amount of interest and ultimately final sale price would not have been so high.

If you’re thinking of selling your home on Sydney’s north shore and want to drive interest and create competition through a highly sophisticated marketing campaign, that includes expertise with both digital and social media reach, then contact our teams at McConnell Bourn. We look forward to working with you.

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