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While the thought of not meeting friends and family face to face as regularly as before the Coronavirus is a difficult concept for many, there are plenty of other ways to stay in touch and remain connected that’s as much fun as popping round for a cuppa or a game of mahjong.

Of course, we have to thank technology for giving us many options to not only talk on the phone but also play games, share activities and involve everyone in some rather entertaining pastimes.

Here are some that our team have been enjoying recently.

Have a meal together

Just because we can’t physically ‘eat’ together doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy each other’s company over a meal. Arrange a time to video call, set your device up on the kitchen bench and you’ll have all the benefits of a catch-up. You won’t be able to share your food but you can still share your experience and each other’s company.

To make it a little more fun you could add a theme to the night. Choose a specific cuisine to cook and if it’s a winner for you or your family, share the recipe with others.

A dress-up party

There are plenty of apps available that allow you to have groups of people join in on one ‘meeting’ space. So choose one that works and turn up in fancy dress. Have a dance, a laugh and share a story or two; it’ll be just like a party without all the hassle of having to actually leave the house.

‘Meet up’ for a movie

What would isolation be without Netflix? Probably very boring. And the media giant has come to the party, literally, by offering the option of having a Netflix Party. It synchronises video playback (if you manage to agree on something to watch) and also offers a group chat.

So, grab the popcorn then ‘Netflix and chill’ with your nearest and dearest, even if they aren’t in the same house as you.

Games night

From Monopoly to Uno, Mario Kart, Scattergories and more, there are plenty of family favourite games you can play virtually. You’ll even find Mahjong multiplayer online games, chess and more. Most are available on either Google Play or via the App Store . Who said you can’t have fun or exercise your strategy skills while practising social distance from others?


How about some isolation trivia? There are a few groups offering them via live stream on Facebook, like Isolation Trivia that goes live on a regular basis from Brisbane. So no matter that the pubs are closed, if you fancy yourself as a trivia buff, you might consider writing some quiz questions yourself and hosting a group of family and friends via video conferencing.

Go ‘old-fashioned’

We’re so lucky to have a wide range of communication tools at our fingertips. There’s no doubt that isolating at home would be a lot more difficult without it. But there are certainly a few things we can learn from ‘the good ole’ days’.

Why not write a letter every day to send to close family either now or once isolation is over? You could also nominate a penpal so that you get some in return! Share stories, thoughts about the world, or jot down a joke or two.

A book club is another fun way to stay connected, and you could say it kills two birds with one stone. Basically, you’re entertained with a book to read, but it also forms the basis of a chat with a group of friends. Many book clubs have gone online already but you could easily set up your own temporary online book club. Just find a book online that everyone can download, set a date and you’re already halfway there.

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