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Why buyer management counts more than ever now

Written by Matthew Bourn
While the coronavirus outbreak in Australia might have changed the real estate market somewhat, there are always going to be buyers out there. What we have seen so far is the real estate industry moving more online. This is a good thing for many reasons – greater exposure, reach and time efficiency, for a start. However, nothing will replace conversation and skilled negotiation when it comes to selling your home for a great price.

Right now, some buyers may be seeing this as an opportunistic time to buy, even tempted to make a lower offer to secure a property. Be assured that here at McConnell Bourn we have embraced the new market and have the skills to deal with these conversations.

Additionally, MB have become more creative with online selling and marketing that the current state of affairs demands. However, we haven’t thrown the baby out with the bathwater. As such, we remain as focused as ever on the old-fashioned art of creating a personal connection with our buyers and negotiating hard for every dollar so that our sellers don’t lose out.

What does good buyer management involve?

One of the side benefits of the current restrictions is it’s easier to sort out the serious house hunters from the merely curious. Once we’ve identified the ideal buyer or buyers for your property, we engage them in one-on-one conversation to work out their financial position and encourage them to make a serious offer. We can take them through your property with a safe, individual inspection, which can be a far more valuable experience than rushing through a busy open home. We can also conduct home inspections virtually using Zoom or FaceTime – it’s up to you.

Once we’ve got offers in, it’s time to start countering to get our clients the best possible price. Excellent negotiating skills are critical right now as we’re seeing more opportunistic buyers coming in with ‘ambitious’ offers.

Combining old-fashioned selling with the latest technology

We aren’t one of those agents who simply take on as many listings as possible, post them online and wait for the buyers to call us. Our approach is more focused. For us, every listing is one that we work on with dedication and a personal touch.

During this critical time, you need an agent who is skilled at personal communication and guiding buyers. At McConnell Bourn, we see technology as the fishing line to lure interested buyers to a property, and one-on-one conversation as the bait to hook buyers and convince them that this is their dream home.

Thankfully, we were well prepared for the current restrictions before COVID-19 began to affect the Sydney market. We have an active social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and our website, and we have moved quickly to enable clients to view properties on an individual basis to ensure safety for both them and our clients.

Due to the current restrictions, we hold auctions online or use the time-honoured sale method of private treaty. With people at home and spending more time online house hunting, we are seeing an uplift in enquiries and searches, and with more time at home ourselves we’ve appreciated having the opportunity to really talk to buyers and advise them on the current market.

This one-on-one focus, combined with harnessing the potential of online platforms, ensures that we will get a home sold at a good price. Right now, you might be thinking about putting your home on the market and wondering how it will work. We are happy to talk you through what’s going on and how we can get buyers to your home through online marketing and via our extensive buyer database. We can also talk to you about the benefits of selling now, such as low interest rates for buyers and fewer homes on the market creating greater competition.

How can we help you today?

Despite these challenging times, we continue to help people realise their property dreams.

McConnell Bourn, an independent agency working across four offices, has proudly represented clients selling and managing homes across Sydney's North Shore for the past 20 years.

Find out more about what we can do for you by calling 02 9496 2777 or emailing

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