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Recent Home Living Property Culture The Team North Shore Living
If you want to sell your North Shore home, first impressions count.
Having what we in the real estate business call ‘kerb appeal’ is essential.

Consider that many home buyers have several properties on their list on any given Saturday. If your home doesn’t look great from the street, they will keep on driving. A great first impression says ‘come on in’, and helps buyers fall in love at first sight. (This means they pay more!)

Here are eight quick things to do for amazing kerb appeal. The good news is you can do a lot of these without having to hire help, plus they are mostly cosmetic changes so they shouldn’t cost too much.

1. Revamp your front door

Front doors get filthy without us even realising. A good scrub with detergent and water may bring it back to life. Otherwise a coat of paint can have it looking brand new. Pop on a new door knocker and fix the doorbell while you’re at it, and put out a new mat which hasn’t been trampled by muddy boots.

2. Look to the windows

Windows need to be clean and not broken or wobbling in their frames. Like doors, a clean might be enough. Otherwise, bring out your paint brushes or call your favourite tradie ( and remember we can suggest someone if necessary).

3. Fix the fence

A broken fence or crumbling front wall is a no-no when you’re trying to sell your North Shore home.

Hire a repairman if the job is beyond you. It will deliver great return on investment.

4. Tidy the ‘ways’

Nature can’t help but break down outdoor pathways and driveways. Now’s the time to do the weeding and replace rotting or damaged pavers.

A spray with a pressure hose can make a world of difference to a driveway or path. People won’t really notice a lovely pathway but an ugly uneven one will draw their eye away from the selling points of your home’s facade.

5. Do some gardening

Overgrown grass, dead or dying plants and out of control trees aren’t a good look. Get to work and prune, clear and clip like your life depends on it (or pay someone else to).

Talk to us at McConnell Bourn about easy wins. There might be an opportunity to add some hardy, inexpensive plants that can make your home look like a million bucks (or two or three). For an even better first impression, have some blooming flowers or lush foliage in view as people approach the front door.

6. Spray the roof

Look up at awnings, gutters and tiles. What condition are they in? A spray clean will have them looking good or you might need to have the broken parts replaced. Ask us for recommendations for roof specialists.

7. Hide your bins

Pretend for your open home that no rubbish ever crosses the threshold of your beautiful property and put the rubbish bins out of sight for the day.

8. Know your numbers

A well-displayed house number will literally lead buyers to your door. You don’t want them getting lost on the street.

While you’re at it, make sure your letterbox is functional and looks nice. It’s a little touch but makes a difference to first impressions.

Buyers decide within a matter of seconds if they are interested in a home. If you lose them before the front door, it’s game over. By creating kerb appeal, you are boosting the number of buyers who fall in love. This leads to competition and a healthy price for your home.

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