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If you’re ready to sell a property you own but aren’t sure where to start, then this article will help you get focused. Following are a list of initial steps to take to prepare your home for sale.

When you sell a property, especially one that you've lived in for a long time, there's most likely a lot you’ll need to do to get it in order. From organising your personal possessions to home maintenance, there are plenty of tasks to take action and decisions to make.

The checklist for preparing your home for sale may feel overwhelming at first but with smart planning and a methodical approach you can get your home ship-shape in a matter of weeks.

It’s a good idea to enlist the help of your real estate agent early in the process too so that they can highlight areas of your home or grounds that need focus.

1. Reduce and declutter personal possessions

For many people living on Sydney’s North Shore, selling the family home comes after the children have finished school or moved out, so will result in downsizing to a home that’s smaller.

When you downsize, one of the major considerations is how much space you'll have in your next home to house your existing possessions. Even if you are not downsizing, it's a great idea to declutter before you put your home on the market. With a smaller load to move, you'll find that the packing process (and the transition at the other end) is a lot easier.

Start by organising your possessions into three piles: keep, maybe and donate/throw away. As well as your everyday or common items, storage areas such as attics, sheds and garages are most likely full of items that you don't need to keep anymore.

2. Reorganise furniture to create space

As well as cleaning out and reorganising wardrobes and cupboards (because buyers love to open drawers and look in cupboards) you need to think about your furniture. Consider how crowded your rooms currently look. Could some items of furniture be removed to improve the illusion of space? Will it be easy for homebuyers to walk through rooms with ease?

Consider some items that you won’t need in your next home or giving them away to friends or charity shops. If you're unsure about certain items of furniture or belongings, it might make sense to put them in storage until you move into your next home and know one way or another whether they will be needed.

3. Kerb appeal is vital for a great first impression

While there might be some not-so-perfect areas of front garden that you've grown accustomed to living with, you'll want your entire property looking spick and span and presentable so that it appeals to home buyers that drive by or attend home opens.

Optimise your kerb appeal, by doing the following;
Pressure wash driveways, paths and walls
Repaint your front door
Clean or replace tired-looking letterboxes
Weed and mulch garden beds
Water, mow and edge lawns
Replace or reorganise plants
Fix fences or individual pailings

Small purchases like a new welcome mat, some plant pots, hanging baskets by the front door or a wicker chair and outdoor cushion on the front verandah can also give your home that all-important homely feel on entry.

4. Attend to home maintenance and repairs

If there's anything around your property that needs fixing or replacing, make these changes before your first home open. Straighten that wonky letterbox, oil those squeaky hinges or sort out that dripping taps.

Even if buyers are looking to remodel your home after purchase, any sign of disrepair on surface items can be a red flag in terms of what might lie beneath. If there's one thing that's obviously wrong, home buyers or even worse property inspectors will look for other hidden defects.

5. Stage your home

It's no secret that Sydney homes, in brochures and on viewing days, have been styled to make them more appealing to buyers. Home styling or staging, as it’s known, gives your property that magazine appeal and helps a buyer feel like they could move straight in without any additional work.

Home styling not only makes your home visually appealing but portrays an enviable or ideal lifestyle. Most buyers are looking for that dream home, that ticks all the boxes, after all.

Simple tricks such as decluttering, and reorganising can make your property appear airy and spacious. Removing items of sentimental value, such as your own family photos, can also help potential purchasers picture themselves in your home rather than you.

In our experience having a professional home stylist stage your home can make it sell quicker and also encourage higher offers.

Preparing homes for sale in North Sydney

If you're not sure where to start with the decluttering, home maintenance or home styling process, we have a large list of professionals available to help you get your home ready for market.

Whether it's your first time selling a home or it's something you haven't done in decades, the McConnell Bourn team are here to help. Learn more about the home selling process on our blog or give your nearest McConnell Bourn office a call to see what we can do for you.

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