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Interview by Emma Brancatisano

Photography by Des Harris

Traffic reporter, TV & radio presenter and exclusive auctioneer to McConnell Bourn on Sydney’s Upper North Shore, Vic Lorusso chats to MB on the art of auctioneering.

How many auctions have you led across your career?

I started back in 2005, so it would be well in the thousands. I’ve actually never tried to put a number to it, but maybe it’s about time!

What is the art of auctioneering?

It’s all about being yourself. I always make sure that I am 100 percent transparent, fair and balanced.
This can be a stressful situation, so I try to make it as relaxed and as comfortable as possible. Most importantly, you need to understand that every person is different and you must be relatable to each bidder. That’s where I think auctioneers can gain their uniqueness.

What are the benefits of going to auction?

I believe the only way I’d like to buy is at auction. I’m there, I know the market, I can see my competition and I know what I want to pay.

An auction is always a good indication of what you and other bidders think that the property is worth. And its upfront. Being there on the day just adds an element of security when it comes to making this kind of investment.

Why did you choose to work with McConnell Bourn?

Relationships are a huge thing between auctioneer and agent. And that’s what we have had for at least ten years now.

They are a dynamic brand; hard-working, down to earth and they leave nothing unturned when it comes to property, so it is an honour to be part of their team come auction day. Those last fifteen minutes of your campaign are your last chance to secure the best deal, so it is really important that the whole team is aligned to maximise your opportunity on the day.

Can you tell us about being awarded 2016’s Auctioneer of the Year?

It was an honour. The Australasian Real Estate Awards take into account all of the last year’s auctions.
An auction isn’t just the auctioneer; it’s the agent, the office, the branding. Sure the auctioneer can stand there and be engaging at the end, but it was the whole team that helped me to achieve that award and it was wonderful to receive it.

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