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Recent Home Living Property Culture The Team North Shore Living

Stand Out & Be Noticed

Written by Annabel Schweikert

With an increasingly competitive real estate market, more than ever it’s important that you give your property the best chance at standing out and being noticed by potential buyers.

As one of the leading real estate agencies in the North Shore property market, McConnell Bourn understands the role a fresh approach to property marketing plays in doing just this.

“More and more, a focus on lifestyle is becoming paramount when selling your property. We have learnt that an emotive approach to marketing is what draws buyers in,” says Samantha Bourn, Head of Marketing at McConnell Bourn.

“Our focus is on creating and delivering strategic marketing campaigns to bring your property to life in the most appealing way. We strive towards a fully integrated marketing solution for every home that we market, with each marketing campaign crafted individually to deliver exceptional results for our clients.”

In an industry which is heavily focused on the selling agent, founders Matthew Bourn and Samantha Bourn believe marketing is just as important.

With a dedicated marketing team, McConnell Bourn is recognised as a leader in property marketing, championing a fresh outlook on property that sells not only a home, but a lifestyle.

“We believe that emotive marketing that focuses on the lifestyle aspects of a property taps into the inner emotions of buyers and drives them to act. It cuts through the noise and inspires engagement. The reality is it’s a cluttered market out there and you want your property marketing to resonate with buyers and activate a response,” explains Lauren Warner, Corporate Marketing Manager.

The MB marketing team works collaboratively to test the market, analysing data from online and social media in order to custom create a marketing campaign which will result in a lasting impression of your home and all that it has to offer. The methods they use in order to execute this are always adapting to the changing market.

Working closely with Des Harris, an award-winning photographer with over 35 years’ experience in photojournalism and architectural photography, McConnell Bourn value the importance of a non-traditional approach to real estate photography. Des explains traditional property photography is focused on presenting as much information through as few photos as possible - but Des’ delicate formula when shooting property is calculated, and begins before he picks up the camera.

“When I’m shooting property for McConnell Bourn – before I have even picked up my camera, I dedicate time to walk around and really understand the property, get a feel for the essence of it… as a space, and begin to appreciate what the vendors have created. I often talk to the vendor about this, and try and get a personality for the home.”

“We concentrate on three elements: engagement, emotion and entertainment. Engagement is the most important – as many people scroll through property websites, they see fronts of houses, front lawns, more fronts of houses… They need to be stopped in their tracks as they’re scrolling. That’s why we focus on aesthetic over reference. We include people in our shots, real people… enjoying the property, and living in the space, as well as how they interact with the space. All of this is engaging, and it triggers emotions in people.”

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