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Written by Tess Saunders

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To encapsulate a relaxed but edgy, calm yet vibrant feel for your home, opt for the free spirited bohemian theme. The Moroccan inspired, boho chic movement embraces bright and bold colours, paired against neutrals to create a relaxed vibe that simultaneously adds huge character to your room.

Bohemian inspired interiors are easy to work with and it’s a breeze to introduce into either traditional or modern homes, unlike a lot of other interior trends. Working on different scales is also very easy to do, as you can start with a basic white palate home and add as many or as little boho chic inspired accents and pieces as you wish.

Here’s how to incorporate the bohemian theme into your home:

Pairing bold colours against neutral tones creates a calm yet lively energy. The bohemian theme particularly incorporates rustic reds and oranges to mimic earthy tones.

To tie in further with the earthy tones, a great way to encapsulate the boho chic vibe is to introduce natural elements into your décor. Wicker furniture and rustic timber pieces radiate a comfortable and calm energy that ties in perfectly with the bohemian theme.

Decorate with kilim rugs, crocheted and macramé goods and brass platters. Candles, lanterns and cushions are also a great way to bring in eclectic colour and pattern.

Bring nature in by displaying lively green plants all over your home. Despite looking lustrous, plants also deliver an array of beneficial qualities. They purify your air, some have medicinal qualities and studies have been done to show that concentration and productivity improves in the presence of plants.

When it comes to styling your home under bohemian impression, you can never have too much print. The boho chic theme centres hugely on being eclectic so don’t hesitate to mix and match bold patterns and colours. Break it up every now and then with a solid white faux fur rug, blanket or cushion.

Express with pops of colour. The great thing about bohemian inspiration is that it bring focus and attention to colours that are often ignored when it comes to interior décor. Powerful purples and opulent oranges bounce any room to life.

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