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Written by Luke Nolan-Harris
Meet Carl Ferris, one of our local experts for Wahroonga.

Having lived in Ku-ring-gai for over 30 years, Carl is confident in promoting the enviable area lifestyle benefits that residents enjoy. With a degree in Commerce & Accounting, Carl has a strong grasp of modern marketing techniques, sound business acumen and a keen eye on the future direction of Real Estate. Carl believes that clear and accurate communication is of utmost importance throughout the selling process and his highly professional approach, enthusiasm and strong negotiation skills see him continually achieve exceptional results for his clients.

Want to get to know Carl better? Be sure to read on.

Have you always been in real estate? If no, what’s your background?
My whole career has pretty much been in real estate. After high school I went to university and worked at the local bottle shop in Turramurra called Theos, which is now Vintage Cellars. But not long after, I started off in real estate doing the back-end work, database management, mailouts and office administration. I had to regularly do the letterbox drops so I very quickly became very familiar with the streets of Turramurra. Then I slowly worked my way up from there.

Why real estate?
It’s kind of in my blood. My mum has been in real estate for 17 years now so I would always come home and hear her talking about it and I was interested. I started a part-time thing with her and it was good because of its flexibility. Whilst I studied commerce, accounting and finance at uni, it wasn’t meant to be. After finishing my study and travelling overseas for awhile I found myself coming back to Australia post GFC and they weren’t hiring people in finance and accounting. I went back into real estate and here I am 10 years later!

What made you want to become an agent?
It’s enthralling and just exciting - the thrill of the deal, putting people in their dream houses and seeing them 5 years down the track in that same house. There’s an element of watching people’s dreams come true.

What qualities do you think you need to be a great agent?
You’ve got to be a people-person, it’s the most important thing! You have to be able to relate to people. You have to be driven, having the ability to put in long hours if it is needed of you. You know, if you work hard you get rewarded. For example, just the other night we were at a client’s home until 10:30pm discussing their move down to Wollongong and how we can help them. Real estate is really about being available when you are needed.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?
Well honestly it relates to the last question. One of the things I love about it is the flexibility. Like I said before, if you put in the work you are rewarded with the occasional half-day off. In real estate you are in charge of your own destiny. I have a lot of friends who work in finance for example and they are stuck working 8am-6pm and there is no recognition.

What do you like about working in a team with Donna?
It’s strange because everybody always looks at us thinking “Oh, you are mother and son? And you work together? How do you not hate each other?”. But it’s interesting because we are complete opposites in the sense of the way we work. I’m very structured, analytical and numbers driven, whereas Donna is more emotional and puts a lot of thought into that side of work. So it’s really good because this way neither of us have to do everything. We can consolidate our work and we compliment each other really well. Funnily enough, when I was still living at home, we had to have a curfew - 9 O’clock no more real estate talk because my dad and my girlfriend, now wife, would get tired of the real estate talk. Otherwise we would never switch off! But I love real estate and Donna loves it too. I love to jump online and research all the sales in a given area for the past 12 months, building up my market and product knowledge. We actually just brought on an assistant to help us so it is a little bit of a challenge working out how to manage somebody else but she has amazing potential and we already work really well.

How did you end up working together?
Well, it took a long time, it’s a ‘grind’. I first came on as a personal assistant to Donna and I essentially just did all of the admin stuff for her so that she could sell, which is what she was good at. Meanwhile, I picked up all of those necessary admin skills which really helped me later on. I went out on my own for about a year before I went traveling overseas for 11 months. When I came back I decided to go back to real estate but as a team with Donna.

What makes you a great team?
Well I think that you can’t really get any closer than a mother and son in terms of understanding each other. I can pretty much guarantee you that when we walk into a meeting, we are both thinking the exact same thing. We can just look at each other and give each other a nod and like that, we have an established strategy without actually communicating. It’s also great because when we are brainstorming we can sort of bounce off of one another and you always have a second opinion available to you.

What are three things you couldn’t live without?
Japanese cuisine - I eat it almost everyday. Team sports - I play basketball twice a week and I also play a little bit of touch, it just keeps me fit and energetic. And finally a good glass of wine - this extends to traveling though and trying new wine all the time, we often as a family visit the Hunter Valley.

Where is your favourite place in the world? Whether it’s your couch at home or a cafe?
Annecy in France, most definitely. It’s a very small little town towards the south-west. Last time I was there it was around spring time and it was so beautiful with the mountains capped with snow and this large lake which shimmered in the sunlight. It’s similar to Amsterdam in that it has canals that run through the town. It’s the sort of place I dream of retiring to!

Do you have a secret talent? If so, what is it??
It’s secret to the people who I work with but my friends would know, I’m actually a qualified ski instructor. Whilst I was traveling I actually spent a season in Tahoe in the U.S teaching kids how to ski.

What do you love most about MB?
It’s the public perception of it. Since moving to McConnell Bourn, I can’t tell you how many times people have gone “Oh wow, that’s such a great move! MB is such a great brand”. The word brand is rarely, if ever, used in real estate. It’s always agency, office, company, a franchise. I feel that McConnell Bourn is a brand and we are one of the only agencies which are seen that way. It’s amazing the recognition and support we have received from our past clients and the general public.

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