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easter kids fun
Written by Tess Saunders

Photo by Annie Spratt (Unsplash)

It can be tricky to coordinate children receiving the same number of eggs in a hunt. Even if you divvy up the total at the end, some tots may feel left out if they don’t actually find any themselves. Promote team work and skill building by colour coordinating eggs & hiding spots per age group. To add a bit of a challenge, you can also hide a ‘golden egg’ representative of a prize for the finder.

To avoid melted eggs, why not replace those delicious chocolate Easter eggs for dyed hardboiled eggs. This is a fun activity for your children to do and looks great. When purchasing your eggs to dye, opt for white eggs instead of brown. The colours will show better, giving off some beautiful pastels to bring brightness into your Easter. Hard boil the eggs for 10 minutes, then prepare your workspace whilst the eggs are cooling.

Line your workspace with a craft tablecloth or scrap newspaper. Set up one heatproof bowl per colour of dye you plan to use and fill each with a cup of boiling water. Mix in one teaspoon of vinegar to each, along with a small splash of food colouring. The more colouring you add, the more intense the colour will turn out. Remember you can also mix dyes to create other colours.

Using tongs, carefully and completely submerge the egg in the dye. Varying the length of time that your egg is submerged will produce different shades. Once dipped, leave your egg to dry.

You can create patterns and designs by partly submerging eggs in different colours or vary shades by partly dipping the egg horizontally or vertically in the dye for varied lengths of time. To personalise your eggs further, you can hand paint prints and patterns on once dry. Designate a ‘golden egg’ as well. The finder of this egg will be entitled to a prize. This could be a toy, game or a giant chocolate egg. Be creative!

Remember to create an equal number of eggs of each colour. Dedicate a colour to an age group and then hide the eggs in locations with corresponding difficulties. Tell the children that they are only allowed to collect eggs from the colour set to their age group.

At the end of the hunt, hand out chocolate eggs to all of the kids… and save some for yourself as well! Then award the prize for the finder of the golden egg!

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