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Written by Luke Nolan-Harris
Meet Steve Cakmak, one of our property specialists.

Having grown up in the area and with over 12 years of experience, Steve prides himself on his ability to translate a detailed understanding of the market into consistently delivering excellent results for his clients. Approachable and personable, Steve is a strong believer in the importance of clear and honest communication and is careful to gain a thorough understanding of his clients’ needs so he can ensure they are always kept in the loop with up to the minute information and advice, ultimately achieving a successful and rewarding experience for his clients.

Want to get to know Steve better? Be sure to read on.

Have you always been in real estate? If no, what’s your background?
Pretty much. When I left school I did a brief stint in the motor-mechanics industry, but when I say brief I mean it, I lasted about 3 months. I just realised that I had no interest in cars whatsoever! My first experience in real estate was actually in year 10 work experience and I really enjoyed it.

Why real estate?
I love the constantly changing scenery. I love getting out and talking to such a diverse range of people with different stories and lives. All these different people have different situations and it is only a certain percentage of them that I have the chance to work with but when I do I love the challenge.

What made you want to become a sales agent?
I always knew that I was going to go into real estate. However, when I first got into the industry, I was 16, so I was very young. I really wanted to learn every single aspect of real estate and I thought that the best way to learn the ins and outs and get the best grounding possible would be to go through property management and it taught me a lot. I did that for about 6 years and then I went into sales where I had always wanted to be!

What qualities do you think you need to be a great agent?
I would have to say consistency, persistence and perseverance. Do you know what though, I think that people try too hard to learn what they need to be a good agent and I think in doing that they lose sight of the human element. As an agent you need to be able to relate to people, to be a good listener and to be able to empathise with them. Yes you need clear cut plans and you need to know the system, but these aspects have to be adaptable for your client!

What’s your favourite thing about your job?
What I love most about my job is building long-term relationships with people. To some this may sound abnormal coming from a sales agent, but I want to get to a point with my clients where they trust me when it comes to everything to do with property. I want to be that go-to person, that property expert that first pops to mind.

What's the funniest or most embarrassing moment you've ever had at work?
Well working with my brother of course we have a couple of funny situations, however this one has happened a couple of times. People confuse us as a father and son team sometimes… Who’s the father you may ask? Well, they think it’s me… I’m the younger brother, by two years!

What do you like about working in a team with Daniel?
Well he and I are quite close in age and we don’t have any other siblings so, naturally, we are quite close. This works both on a personal and a professional level, we are close, we get along and we care about each other whilst at the same time we are quite different. That’s why we work together and that’s what I like about it.

How did you end up working together?
Well my brother Daniel used to work in our father’s distribution business. Eventually that closed down and when it did he simply thought he’d give real estate a go, thinking ‘Steve’s in it, why not?’ We went quite a while before we really thought about working together and even longer before we actually talked about it, but as we both moved along in our careers we found ourselves doing the same job in the same agency just for two different people. It was about then we started talking about it, we made a plan and everything just fell together.

What makes you a great team?
Despite being brothers, Daniel and I are really quite different and so obviously we both have different strengths that we bring to the business. You see, Daniel takes a very process-oriented approach and is exceptionally organised. Whereas I put much more of an emphasis on people, on negotiations, etc. That’s not to say he can’t do what I do or vice versa, these are just the skills that we have and that we have naturally gravitated towards. One of the best things is that we never fight, we have a mutual understanding that we both have our strengths and if we disagree on something we both just sit down and discuss it, we always come to a mutually beneficial agreement and it just works!

What are three things you couldn’t live without?
The first is definitely my wife and son, without a doubt. Secondly, boxing. I used to box 3-4 times a week, it’s great exercise, but I haven’t had as many chances to do so since my son was born. Finally, Sunday breakfast, whether it is at home or whether we go out together to try a new cafe my wife and I love exploring our locale, we love our family breakfast on a Sunday morning.

Where is your favourite place in the world?
You know, it’s pretty cliché, but I’d have to say at home with my wife and son! At the moment there is no place I’d rather be, other than that? Definitely New York, I have family there and so I’ve been there about 3 times before and I just think it’s amazing, it’s another world. But as I said before, my favourite place in the world right now is at home with my family.

What do you love most about MB?
I think the biggest thing for me, and my brother, is the team culture. Coming from the big franchise background it is very different. They often boast about team culture and working together but it is nothing at all like what we have come across here! When we go out and talk to clients about how the entire team cooperates when it comes to a property, we can say it with conviction because we know that we have that support and that team culture around us here at McConnell Bourn.

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